Design Discovery Awards (D&A) 2024 NOW OPEN -- FINAL EXTENSION JULY 31, 2024
Interior Design / Commercial Interior Design


The space design takes "Pillar-Matrix" as the core idea. The "Pillar-Matrix" comes from the brand story related to chess - S.O.E (Square Of Eight) is named after chess, representing the 64 black and white squares on the chess board. The space consists of three main areas interspersed with black and white boxes. The black boxes refer to the array form in the chessboard, and 14 black pillars are erected, in which 8 intelligent thermos pots are scattered and hidden, and through the corresponding liquid dispensing faucet on each root.

Yu Mingmin,Dai Qiong
Chen Yi, Tianxiao, Boxiao, Nie Chengxu,Yongqi
Chengdu, China

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