Design Discovery Awards (D&A) 2024 NOW OPEN -- FINAL EXTENSION JULY 31, 2024
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Bao'an Tourism Gift

The work selects the Phoenix Pagoda in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China as the design element, and designs a set of original Chinese style tea set of "Bao'an Tourism Gift" with a modern aesthetic style of creation. The outer package is made of pulp box with sugar cane, reed and other plant fibers and wheat, rice and other main raw materials, through the molding, drying, shaping, disinfection to achieve the concept of environmental protection, in line with a modern living habits, the outer box can be used for the continued use of the usual life without polluting the environment.

Hefei CHUNJIAODU Brand Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Wu Yan
Shenzhen, China

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